NeNe Leakes reveals husband Gregg is 'out in the casino' amid battle with colon cancer

After fans were slamming NeNe Leakes for allegedly "not taking care of her husband enough", she revealed that her husband Gregg is "out in the casino" as he battles colon cancer. 

Sick of all the accusations being thrown at her, NeNe Leakes posted a lengthy message on Instagram, telling people that her husband isn't actually stuck in bed or attached to machines as he battles colon cancer, and is actually out and about, enjoying his time in casinos.

On Instagram, she made it clear once and for all that she is happy that her husband gets to go out and do what he would normally love to do before he got sick. She felt the need to post about it, because "some people" think he is stuck in bed or hooked to a machine. NeNe even asked her husband to enjoy himself and to bring home some money for the family. 

However, it hasn't always been fun and games for NeNe, who recently revealed that she struggles while being Gregg's caregiver as he battles cancer. During Sunday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", she breaks down in tears as she explains how her husband's behavior has drastically changed since he got sick. 

NeNe starts off by saying Gregg has been a grouch, and that he yells at her a whole lot at home. With her husband in the same scene, she made sure to let him know how hurtful it is for her when he acts mean towards her despite her support. 

While she was frustrated at Gregg before his birthday party, it was during his party that she realized she was afraid of losing him and that's why it's been so frustrating for her as well. It was the first time since his diagnosis that she broke down. 

"I mostly keep strong. He is definitely a grouch. I'm so close to him, all the pressure is on me. I'm worn out like a freakin' car tire."

Despite their arguments and misunderstandings, NeNe continues to stand by Gregg throughout this tough time, and it is together that they are riding out this storm. 

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