Mom arrested for drunk driving at 150 mph says she was trying to 'teach her son a lesson'

When a woman tried to teach her son a lesson on January 13, it was the law that ended up teaching her.

A mother from Kentucky got arrested on Sunday for taking her son for a drive while she was drunk to teach him a lesson.

Lexington Metro Police charged the 48-year-old mother with endangering a minor and drunk driving. Sunita, whose son remains unnamed in the report, told police she “drank a bunch of beer and got in the car to teach her son a lesson.”

The arrest citation also stated that Sunita said she had been drinking all day. When her blood alcohol content was .161, which is twice over the legal limit, she got into her 2014 BMW X1 with her son and drove 150 mph. 

Her son told officers that he tried exiting the car, but the doors were locked and couldn’t get out. But thankfully the police saw the speeding car before any tragic happened, and pulled Sunita over.

The arrest report also stated that Sunita slurred her speech and smelled of alcohol when stopped by officers on Sunday.

Sunita is being held on a bond of $2,500 at the Fayette County Detention Center and even has an inmate profile there where she had two previous bookings, one for speeding and another for public intoxication. Her next court appearance is scheduled for January 21.

Teaching your child that actions have consequences is applaudable in theory. However, the application of such a lesson can make all the difference in the world. 

The path Sunita chose could so easily have ended in tragedy, but when the father of a bully realized what was going on, he did the exact opposite to Sunita, he made her walk.

When Matt Cox’s ten-year-old daughter, Kirsten got suspended from the school bus for three days after a second-time bullying offense, he decided she needed a life lesson.

The next morning when it was time for Kirsten to go to school she had to walk, it was 36F temperatures as the ten-year-old walked along the roadside with a backpack.

Dad followed behind her in his car and shot the video he posted to social media. His commentary showed precisely what he thought of bullying while driving along in the town of Swanton, behind his daughter and said:

"Bullying is unacceptable. This is my small way of trying to stop it in my household. I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this and that's alright. I am doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson and to stop her from bullying."

It was a privilege for his daughter to use the bus, and since she lost it due to causing someone else pains on purpose, she had to walk. It was consequences for her actions. 

The post went viral as comments and opinions streamed in, while others praised his actions others were not so convinced, much like when Alice Velasquez have had enough of her daughters doing as they please.

After repeated warnings to clean the pig styes her three daughters live in, Alice was done talking.

So she bundled up everything that was lying around and put it in refuge bags, which she stacked in the corners of the rooms. If they wanted their belongings back, they would have to actually do the chores they never did, and earn it back.

Do you think they were out of line?

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