Remember Grady’s girlfriend Dolly from 'Sanford and Son'? She's now 99 & stuns with her looks

Norma Miller, best known as Dolly from “Sanford and Son,” is 99 years old already but looks a lot younger than that.

The lady, known not only for the previously mentioned show but also for “Sparkle,” “Malcolm X,” and “Dansa Först,” is a very multifaceted artist as she is an actress, choreographer, comedian, author, and dancer.

During her heyday, she was part of a swing dance group named Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers. Unfortunately, she is the only living member of that team. Her dancing skills were so impressive that she is known as the Queen of Swing.


Back in 2016, Norma was in an interview wherein she shared some tips and secrets for looking as young and beautiful at almost 100 years old. The lady revealed that she uses a little of Oil of Olay here and there, and drinks a Mimosa every day.

Norma pointed out that people should embrace every stage of aging, wrinkles included. “The last face that you’ll have is forever. Go with it, sweetie. That’s it!” added the Queen of Swing.


Redd Foxx, a late stand-up comedian and actor who was a very close friend of Norma, once gave her one of the best pieces of advice she could follow. The man said, “Look, you’re not going to be able to dance any longer; your knees are knocking; you better come out and learn to talk.”

Soon after that, the lady started hitting the stage as a stand-up comedian, something that she fell in love with almost immediately. However, she has got more recognition through dancing.

In 2003, she was honored with the National Heritage Foundation Fellowship from the National Endowments of the Arts for her outstanding role in creating and preserving “the acrobatic style swing dance” Lindy Hop.


Her impact in the dancing world is so important that people have created documentaries addressing her life. In 2006, John Biffar released a 72-minute one titled “Queen of Swing,” which takes an inside look at Norma’s influence in the globalization of America’s jazz culture and racial integration.

Apart from that, she has appeared in several other documentaries, being “Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin' to Tell You,” “Unsung Hollywood: Redd Foxx,” and “Unsung Hollywood: Eartha Kitt” the most recent ones.

The International Lindy Hop Championship revealed on its website that they would dedicate December 2, 2019 (Norma’s 100th birthday) to her with different activities to celebrate her.

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