UCLA gymnast’s video of her 'perfect 10' floor routine goes viral

UCLA senior gymnast Katelyn Ohashi has become a sensation on social media after a video of her floor routine went viral. She earned a perfect ten score with the high-spirited routine, using hit songs from Tina Turner and the Jackson 5 that had her teammates and spectators dancing along.

The 21-year-old Seattle native was competing at the Collegiate Challenge alongside the UCLA team when she took the floor by storm by a technically perfect and joyous performance to the beat of several ‘70s and ‘80s songs.

She started with a big smile on her face and swaying her hips before changing her expression to a focused one as she delved into a tumbling pass that she punctuated by sticking the landing.

With the perfect first pirouette out of the way, Ohashi’s energy went up, as she marked every single move to the beat and landed every split, drop, and pass with a smile on her face.

On the sidelines, her teammates followed the choreography while cheering for the senior, and when the judges showed their perfect punctuation for the girl, they celebrated together. Ohashi’s score was critical in leading the Bruins to the College Challenge victory.

After the video was posted to the social media accounts of the team, it went viral quickly, with people praising the young woman for enjoying what she does as it translated in the results of her performance.

Is not the first time Katelyn goes viral. Last February she also earned the public's attention with a performance to a mix of Michael Jackson's songs at the 2018 Pac-12 Gymnastics Championship.


The attention that Katelyn is receiving has allowed the girl to share her story with more people. She’s well known in the world of gymnasts as the 14-year-old that won four gold medals, including the all-around title, at the US national championships in 2011.

She also won the all-around at the 2013 American Cup and successfully made the transition into the elite level alongside Simone Biles, hoping to reach the Olympics.

But the gymnastics can be straining, and Katelyn was physical, emotionally and mentally exhausted. Her back gave up. She was competing on two torn blade shoulders and a broken back. She lost the love for the sport and suddenly wasn’t able to find joy in what she was doing.

After going under surgery, she spent an entire year away from the sport, and in a special report by The Player’s Tribune, Ohashi revealed she was happy about her injuries.

"There was a time where I was on top of the world, an Olympic hopeful," Ohashi said.

"I was unbeatable until I wasn't. I was broken.”


Then, she decided to drop down from the elite level and accepted a scholarship to UCLA to compete at the college level under the mentorship of Valorie Kondos Field.

College gymnastics operates on a team-oriented goal. There, Ohashi has been able to rediscover her passion for the sport and find joy every time she steps on the competition floor with her friends and teammates cheering for her on the side.

“Every time I get on the floor, that’s always been my favorite part of gymnastics, and being there with my team and my coach and being able to see them dancing with me, it just feels like home," Ohashi said on "Good Morning America.”

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