Gary Sinise from 'Forrest Gump' devotes himself to helping US veterans

One good deed is never enough, because of this, the Forest Gump actor has committed himself to a lifetime of helping wounded veterans through the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Gary Sinise who played Lieutenant Dan Taylor in the movie Forrest Gump in 1994, is now actively trying to help warriors who are a real-life replica of his character. 

Playing a wounded army officer who lost both his legs to war; growing up with family members who were soldiers, and watching the tragedy of 9/11 happen all summed up to be a wake-up call for the 63-year-old man. 

Sinise reported to Fox News how excited he was about playing Dan. Although the movie added positively to him; before getting the role, the young man was running a program, Vets Night which offers free dinners and performances to Vietnam veterans.

“A full 10, 12 years [before filming], I’d been working with Vietnam veterans in Chicago. I had supported them in various ways, so when the opportunity came up to play a Vietnam veteran, a wounded Vietnam veteran, with a positive ending to his story, I very much wanted to do that. And I was blessed to be able to get that part and be in such a popular film, a good film. Lieutenant Dan has meant a lot to me.”

The role impacted him so much. Throughout the 90s, Sinise kept up the excellent job of tending to the injured on behalf of the Disabled American Veterans organizations; until he founded his organization in 2011.

According to his website; the goal is:

“to serve and honor our nation’s defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need by creating and supporting unique programs that entertain, educate, inspire strengthen and build communities.”

This foundation has since been a blessing, taking responsibility for those who'll sacrifice their lives for their country. They build standard Smart Homes for the wounded soldiers; give food to deploying troops and also entertain by hosting functions at military hospitals.

Gary Sinise Foundation recently partnered with MotorTrend TV for their “Barrett-Jackson LIVE” car auction; the full price of the auctioned car will be going to the organization. 

The actor who is doing his best to impact lives is right about this statement - 'we can never do enough,' but we must try anyway. 

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