Tennis superstar Roger Federer denied access to locker room for not carrying ID

Rodolfo Vieira
Jan 19, 2019
12:47 P.M.
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Roger Federer is one of the most famous athletes on the planet but that didn't stop a security guard from doing his job.


On Friday, January 18, 2019, the tennis star was denied access to the Australia Open locker room by the member of security because he wasn't carrying his ID.

The incident was caught by one of the security cameras and shared online by the International Tennis Federation, giving fans something to laugh about.



It was a very odd situation but proved that Australia Open's security staff take their jobs very seriously, no matter who is standing in front of them.

Although tennis isn't as popular as soccer, football or basketball, Federer's face is well-recognized worldwide. After all, he is a six-time champion at Melbourn Park and has won 20 Grand Slam titles.


None of it mattered to the security guard who stopped him in his tracks, arguing that the athlete was missing his identification card, which is handed at the entrance.

Everyone involved in the tournament, such as players, coaches, officials and even members of the media, are given lanyards with badges containing their name, photo and tournament role, proving that they are allowed in the premises.



It was an awkward situation but, instead of complaining or making a scene, Federer revealed his calm personality by patiently waiting for members of his entourage, who had his ID.

Several people online saw the 30-second clip and most of them stood by the security guard, claiming that he was only doing his job and following the rules.


Federer's demeanor was also praised, with several fans describing him as a 'class act' and someone who understood the tight rules followed by the security team.


The world of tennis is full of funny and controversial moments, and the most recent one involved Serena Williams, who was seen arguing with Portuguese Umpire Carlos Ramos.


The athlete was accused of cheating through illegal coaching during her match against Naomi Osaka, and demanded an apology from Ramos, arguing that she would rather lose than cheat.

Williams also accused the Umpire of stealing a point from her in the women's finals and called him a "thief. Osaka ended up winning the match and her first Grand Slam while Williams was fined with $17,000.