Rob Kardashian shares photo of 2-year-old daughter Dream rocking white fur coat and Gucci sneakers

Dream Kardashian beams as she delights her father with a photo capturing her fashionable winter look.

Rob Kardashian’s daughter, Dream is 2 and quite a fashionable little girl. In her latest photo shared by her father, she’s decked for the cold in Gucci.  

Dream beamed pointing to the camera as her father took a snap of her which he later tweeted. She’s dressed in white from head to foot, a Gucci ensemble many mothers only wished for their children. She had on a onesie but covered up most of it with a giant fur coat. Her white sneakers bore the brand’s famous green and red striped logo. 

"Bling blaww burr," was the caption Rob used to describe the adorable moment. Fans agree the little girl is quite the cutie. Even photographer Alfredo Flores couldn’t help but comment, 

“She’s so damn cute bro.”


Dream is Rob’s daughter with Blac Chyna who parted ways with him in February 2017. The formerly engaged couple no longer communicate following their bitter split which has now resulted in a nasty custody battle. 

According to a source who opened up to People, Rob prefers to keep his distance from Chyna especially after she filed a restraining order against him last year. This prompted him to lay low from his family’s show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” As a result, he revealed in court that his income has suffered requesting to have his child support payments decreased. 


Meanwhile. Rob seems to be moving on quite nicely from Chyna. He was recently on a dinner date with Alexis Skyy, the woman he also declared his crush. The Love & Hip Hop” star cooked a meal for the sock entrepreneur at his mother, Kris Jenner’s home. Clips from their intimate night were shared by the two on their Instagram stories. 


Fans were suspicious about Rob’s latest woman considering she was just involved in an altercation with Chyna a few days earlier. Chyna reportedly threw a drink at Alexis after inviting her to talk at the VIP section of a bar. The rapper allegedly wanted to clear things with Alexis who was rumored to be seeing Rob while he was still with Chyna. Their discussion didn’t go as planned with Alexis throwing a temper that prompted Chyna’s attack. Now many think Alexis is just using Rob to get back at Chyna but Rob insists they’ve known each other for years. 

Regardless, Rob seems to be enjoying his life now with Dream by his side, Alexis around and Chyna as far from him as possible. 

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