R Kelly’s ex-wife & daughter speak up about allegations against singer in first joint TV interview

R. Kelly's ex-wife and daughter have finally stepped out of the shadows to speak about the controversies that he is facing through an exclusive joint interview. 

Andrea Kelly and her 21-year-old daughter Joann has finally agreed to speak on live television. During their interview with Good Morning Britain, the ex-wife of the infamous rapper revealed that she suffered from extreme verbal, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. 

During their interview, their daughter Joann also made sure to let everyone know that the sexual allegations being thrown at her father are "hard to digest". 

The reason why the mother-and-daughter duo decided to speak out about R Kelly was to show support to the women who have stepped forward to accuse him of different types of abuse. According to Joann, she feels nothing but "sympathy" for his victims, and she let everyone know that she is no longer in touch with her father. 

Although it seems as if Andrea and Joann are speaking out because of their own experiences, R. Kelly believes that her daughter was actually brainwashed by his ex-wife.

The docu-series "Surviving R Kelly" exposed the rapper for his predator ways, including allegations of sexual exploitation of minors and even trying to reel people into a "sex cult". After allegations of sexual abuse were brought to light by the docu-series on the three-time Grammy winner, his daughter made sure to share her piece. However, R. Kelly believes his daughter was brainwashed after she broke her silence on her father's issues. 

Joann Kelly, known as Buku Abi, spoke out on her Instagram story last week to say her piece about the controversy surrounding her father. As he is still her father, she shares how devastated she is to hear about all of these issues being thrown at her father. However, she did not deny his sins and even acknowledges how "terrible" he is as a father.

R. Kelly and Joann have not been seen together since 2015, and with the statements being released by the mother and daughter, it's clear that their relationship has been severed for quite a while. 

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