Chrissy Teigen had her hair done by hubby John Legend and dinner prepared by their daughter

Mary Scott
Jan 21, 2019
05:48 P.M.
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Chrissy Teigen is living her best life in this latest glimpse into her home. Dinner by her daughter and a hair treatment by her superstar hubby, John Legend, makes the perfect weekend.


Teigen took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday with videos from her home. In one clip, the 33-year old model leaned back on the couch while the 10-time Grammy winner stood behind her, trying his best to untangle her ponytail.

“John gonna kill u,” Teigen joked in the caption.

“This is very difficult,” Legend, 40, confessed as he applied a spray on his wife’s hair to help with the task.


They exchanged “I love you’s” sweetly before Legend pulled on Teigen’s head and she yelled an expletive.

A second video showed their two-year-old daughter, Luna, busy at work in the kitchen. The adorable toddler, alongside her grandmother, Vilailuck Teigen, was preparing two racks of ribs.

"I think it came from a lot of insecurity and I took it out on John."

Teigen chose to be the videographer of the day and helped little Luna- wearing a pink princess dress- get the ingredients.

“You’re so helpful. Good job,” the mom-of-two can be heard saying as Luna rubbed in some ingredients into the ribs.


Teigen then asked if they should do more soy sauce and her mini-me agreed, making sure to tell her mother she wants only three drops on each of the meat.

Luna would later ask for some salt, but unfortunately, the video ended with Teigen being confused about the next ingredient her “chef” seemed to be pointing at. The clips were both hilarious and heartwarming.


About a week ago, the "Lip Sync Battle" co-host had fans drooling after she shared a video of Luna decorating her hair with what looked like a twig.

The adorable tot, who was dressed in a blue princess dress, took great care to hang the “accessory” in her mother’s hair and patted her face affectionately afterward.

“So beautiful,” Luna said in her tiny voice as she leaned in for a kiss with mom.


Teigen is no stranger to sharing glimpses of her life with the public and has a reputation for being blunt. Last Thursday, she held nothing back as she recalled her big fight with her husband at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.

“I think I was really intimidated and I think it came from a lot of insecurity and I took it out on John,” Teigen admitted during a TV appearance. “There was a lot of fabulous, amazing people in one room, and that’s where it stemmed from.”

Legend and Teigen are also parents to an eight-month-old son, Miles.