Kobe Bryant's wife flaunts baby bump in black outfit after announcing they're expecting 4th child

Kobe Bryant shares a sweet moment with his wife and her baby bump in a photo celebrating their upcoming baby.

It’s been sixteen years since Kobe and Vanessa Bryant welcomed their first child and now the couple is about to welcome baby number 4.


The former NBA star shared the news at the start of the year and revealed they’re expecting another girl. Kobe and Vanessa currently have three daughters. 


Just weeks after making the announcement, Kobe’s wife proudly showed off her baby bump in a photo she shared on her Instagram stories. The sweet pic featured her dressed in black standing next to her towering husband who kisses her on the head while he gently places his hand over her tummy. 

Vanessa’s eyes are closed. She’s clearly enjoying the moment and no doubt grateful for her decision to stay in her marriage despite filing for divorce in 2011.  The couple reconciled in 2013 and welcomed their third child in 2016. 


Evidently, there’s a lot of love going around in their family and a lot to celebrate too. Just recently, Kobe paid tribute to their firstborn who turned 16. Natalia has turned into a “kind, intelligent, hardworking, caring, loving” girl according to her father who enumerated these qualities in his heartfelt message. He also referred to her as “my baby” and “principessa” as he proclaimed how much he loved her.  

Kobe shared a photo of the two of them against the backdrop of the sea and a skyline. Natalia’s beauty emanates as her father dotes on her. His arm is circled around her while his cheek nuzzles her head. 


Kobe is proud of the fact that he’s a father of girls despite the jokes he would receive from his former teammates. They would tell him “it takes a real man to make a boy” but the proud dad has the perfect response.

“It takes a king to make a princess.”

Kobe is certainly king in his home much like he was on the hardcourt.  

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