Interview with policeman goes viral because he has the ‘world's greatest name’ for an officer

Jan 22, 2019
04:24 P.M.
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ITV West Country presented a program about the impact of budget cuts on Avon and Somerset Police and accidentally created a viral video about a police officer’s unique name.


One of the officers interviewed during the approximately 15-minute-long program was ironically named Police Officer Rob Banks, and viewers could not fail to notice the strange coincidence.

The name of Officer Banks appeared on the screen for only a few seconds but it was enough for the people on the internet to make the video go viral.

Officer Rob Banks speaking to the interviewer during a special report about budget cuts affecting Avon and Somerset Police. | Source: Facebook/ITV News West Country


The social media users quickly shared the screenshot of the video along with humorous comments regarding the officer’s name.

The strange coincidence got so much attention that ITV West Country had to address the situation in one of their tweets.

The channel tweeted, “ITV West Country dedicated a whole [program] to the impact budget cuts are having to [Avon and Somerset Police]… if you missed it, then you also missed the world’s greatest name for a police man…”


One of the Twitter users who posted the screenshot was Matt Allen, who tweeted, “Best policeman name ever goes too…”

Replying to his tweet were several other hilarious commentaries on the officer’s name. Another Twitter user, named Stuart, wrote, “I hope his career choice was the result of frustration at repeatedly being asked 'What are you going to do when you leave school, Rob Banks?”


Yet another Twitter user commented by pointing out a similar irony in his own name as well. “I could be a policeman with my name too!” wrote Twitter user ‘Rob Holmes.’


Although Officer Bank's interview got famous for hilarious reasons, the message he actually wanted to send out was serious and crucial.

He told the network in the interview that he was almost on the verge of quitting the force due to the cuts in the budget.

"I've questioned whether I want to carry on doing this, at the moment I do, but there's been a lot of times when I haven't," he told.

Last year another video also went viral because of a hilarious accident. A 71-year-old grandfather was asked to record an engagement but he recorded his own reaction because the camera was on "selfie" mode.