Daycare employee under investigation after video of her pulling black child’s hair sparks outrage

Mary Scott
Jan 24, 2019
05:26 P.M.
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A staff member at a Texas daycare is currently under investigation after a video of her pulling a black child’s hair surfaced on the internet, sparking outrage among social media users.


In a statement on their Facebook page, the Lubbock Police Department that detectives, who have been investigating the disturbing video, are now referring the case “to the City of Lubbock Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution of assault charges.”

According to the department, the clip came to their attention on January 17. It involved the horrific treatment of a child at the My Little Playhouse daycare located in the 3600 block of 50th Street.

The video was so appalling that officers were sent immediately to the daycare to begin investigating the incident.

A screenshot from the disturbing video | Photo: Twitter/@breann_l


The statement read:

“A police report was written for the incident and a detective with the LPD Family Crimes Unit was assigned the case to continue a thorough investigation into what happened. Due to the nature of the incident, officers also notified Child Protective Services so they could investigate.”

The officers found out that the particular video was recorded on December 26th, but only just surfaced on social media.

The investigation also revealed that the child’s parents and the daycare owners did not know about the video until January 17th.

The 48-second footage shows a white female employee, identified as Kay Kae Rangel, pulling a three-year-old black girl by the hair while her colleague, Makenzie Sedeno, scoffs at the scene off-camera.



LaQuitta Wilson, the child’s mother, implied that her family’s trust had been betrayed:

“She was physically abused by an adult and someone that we paid to place for her safety. They had no apology. They had no reason. They did not call me. Like I said, everything hit the fan and it’s like they just had nothing to say.”

The child’s father, Martreal Walker, also confirmed that they were seeking legal action against the daycare employee.

Another employee at the daycare said that Rangel and Sedeno had been fired. The latter was, however, fired earlier for a separate incident.



The video continues to spark outrage across social media, but Rangel doesn’t appear to care very much.

The Grio reported that she took to Facebook to defend herself with an expletive-ridden post that pretty much implies she’s not remorseful.


Rangel also reportedly accused her former colleague, Sedeno of releasing the video. She wrote on Facebook:

“The daycare did NOT post it, MacKenzie did and was fired. Now [she] wanna post it. She got fired for kicking a kid in the face, which is the owner’s grandson. She is big mad. The lil girl was falling asleep, putting her whole face in her food. I washed her face, took her chair and she continued, so I was clearly holding her chongo (Spanish word for bun/hairstyle). That [expletive] (Mackenzie) just wants attention.”

In the meantime, the daycare remains open while investigations are ongoing.



Sadly, tales of children being maltreated at their daycare have become increasingly common. Recently, we shared the story of a group of daycare employees in China who got jail sentences after they were filmed force-feeding children Wasabi sauce.

Screenshot showing daycare worker force-feeding children. | Source: YouTube/News & Politics #17

Last November, a mother also sued a daycare center after surveillance videos captured the teachers organizing a “fight club” with the children.

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