Birdman's financial problems come to light after split from Toni Braxton

After Toni Braxton and Birdman split up, Birdman's financial issues were immediately thrown into the spotlight.

Birdman and Toni Braxton broke up last year. Both of them have started 2019 off with the terrible reality of their financial situations coming to light.

According to reports, creditors are after Birdman who apparently owes them thousands of dollars. According to documents obtained by news outlets, Birdman had a lien filed against him.

A company named Multimedia Innovations claims the rapper owes them money for work they carried out for him. Apparently, they worked on his former Miami mansion.

They claim that the work included providing labor, A/V installation, and integration. They also fitted automated lighting installation, and a fully-automated smart home controlled via tablet networking for him.

The total bill for their work apparently came to $61,679.36. Birdman, however, denies that he owes that much.

He alleges that he already paid a large part of the bill. He believes he only has a balance of $19,899.56.

He is now refusing to pay even the amount he believes he still owes. The company placed the lien against the mansion.

When the mansion is sold, the company will be paid from the proceeds before Birdman can get his profits. Birdman’s recent breakup with Toni Braxton did not do her any favors either.

Reports state that the IRS and the State of California are after Braxton. Apparently, they've filed two liens against her for an alleged $456,000 in tax debt.

The Blast apparently obtained documents that broke down her debt. She reportedly owes the Internal Revenue Service $340,252.99 in back taxes for 2017.

The lien was filed on December 4 and was followed days later by one from the State of California Franchise Tax Board claiming the singer owes the institution over $116,154.64. 

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