Motorola is bringing back its iconic Razr cellphone with a few upgrades

Cheryl Kahla
Jan 23, 2019
03:25 A.M.
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Consumers are nostalgic about their first phones, and phone manufacturers are reviving all models. 


Nokia made headlines last year when they released an updated version of the Nokia 3310, and now Motorola is following suit. 

Even though Samsungs and iPhones are the most popular phones today, the Motorola Razr remains one of the most iconic phones. 


The flip phone was a must-have accessory back in the day, and phone manufacturers are hoping to revive not only the model but also the trend. 

Lenono – the company that bought Motorola's smartphone department four years ago – is teaming up with Verizon to turn the dream into a reality. 

The device is currently in the testing phase, complete with foldable design, and manufacturers hope to have it released by February 2019. 


If rumors about the launch are to be believed, approximately 200,000 phones will be released, turning it into somewhat of a niche product. 

This isn’t the first time that the Razr brand has mounted a comeback, as Motorola launched Droid Razr in 2011. Unfortunately, that was not a success. 

However, eight years have passed, and Lenovo is now ready to give it another go. Whether the Razr could compete with Samsung remains to be seen. 


The phone will be a clamshell with a foldable OLED display embedded into it, while the outside will have the same rounded bottom as the original model. 

The phone will come complete with two cameras, as well as a smaller secondary display, "just like the original Razr V3," GSM arena promises


"However on the inside there looks to be a one-piece display with a notch on the top (for the earpiece). There are hinges in the middle of the phone's body."

A patent application for the phone was filed back in 2017, with the World Intellectual Property Organisation and images of the design soon leaked online. 

More details will be released during the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona towards the end of February 2019.