Kate Middleton says pepperoni is ‘spicy’ as a pizza topping, but fans are there to debate it

Pizza topping preference is a personal choice, and even Princes might have their own opinions on what should and shouldn't go on one, but Kate Middleton's recent comments about pepperoni seem to have ruffled a few feathers.

The Duchess may have gone too far this week when she slid an innocuous statement past young St Jude and St Paul's CE Primary School pupils at King Henry's Walk community garden in north London.

While rolling out some pizza dough, clear as day and with no hint of irony, Kate Middleton said to the children that she prefers bacon as a pizza topping because:

"It's like having pepperoni but it's not as spicy. Very good."


The internet was shaken with many people not knowing how to respond to this fascinating opinion by their future Queen. Confusion, sadness, anger – a gamut of emotions were displayed by the masses.

One twitter user declared her whole afternoon "ruined" with another saying she "can't stop thinking about how Kate Middleton thinks pepperoni is 'spicy'." 

Kate calling pepperoni "spicy" has confused a lot of her fans as she has remarked before that curries are a firm favorite in her household and she often cooks them. 

Curries are not known for being mild, generally, so her comment about bacon being an adequate substitute is baffling.

Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what makes or breaks a good pizza, the internet is unable to forgive and forget Kate's utterance just yet.

For her part, Kate was just as taken aback when one of the children suggested cucumber and cheese as his favorite topping.

Another child asked the Duchess if the Queen was also fond of pizza, to which she replied that she wasn't sure and would ask Her Majesty when next they met.

It would appear that for now the great "pineapple on pizza" argument has been shelved while the public tries to work out their feelings about Kate calling pepperoni "spicy" and not advocating for its use.

While the Queen is considered a picky eater who often travels with her own food, it is at least heartwarming to know that Kate's family enjoys the simple things in life – like an oven-baked pizza - whatever the topping! 

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