Here's how 'Pasta Queen' Giada De Laurentiis found love after a painful divorce

Odette Odendaal
Jan 23, 2019
08:33 P.M.
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After a few difficult years following Giada De Laurentiis’ divorce, she happily shared tales of love and good pasta.


News of Giada’s divorce from her husband of 25 years, fashion designer Todd Thompson shocked her food-loving fans across the world. The couple had been together since they were 19 years old, and it just never occurred to anyone that they would split up.


In 2014, after an 11-year marriage, they finally separated was and cited irreconcilable differences as the reason. Rumors then circulated that Giada had a romantic relationship with singer John Mayer, to which she reacted with complete surprise.

Giada’s second chance at love came a year and a half later when she was ready for a relationship again. Following the divorce, Giada took some time off to spend with her daughter, Jade, and to work through the pain of the separation. 

The pasta queen met TV producer, Shane Farley in 2013 after he got hired to produce a talk show featuring Giada and close friend Bobby Flay. The show never took off, but their affection for each other did.


The couple started dating two years ago, and they look smitten. Giada also has a new restaurant inside the Caesars Palace hotel and casino named Pronto. And being the queen of pasta that she is, she shared another passion of hers, how to make decent pasta.

In Giada’s book, there are four main things to remember about making great pasta.

Stating the importance of salting the pasta right, Giada stressed the pasta needs to be salted while cooking. Adding it afterward is too late, and if it doesn't taste like the Pacific Ocean, it's been done wrong.

If you make it past a Pacific ocean tasting pasta, the next thing to do is make sure to take the pasta out of the water a tad early. While in the pan it will continue to cook and absorb the sauce. Texture also plays an essential role as Giada said pasta with ridges are better as the sauce gets stuck to the ridges.


But the most surprising tip of all is the water the pasta got boiled in as Giada said:

"Pasta water is the key to creating the creaminess. So after you’ve cooked the pasta, you reserve a quarter, to a half cup of pasta water. The gluten and the starch in the pasta water are what allows the noodle and the sauce to adhere to each other. You just keep adding a little bit of pasta water as you’re tossing the pasta together. You gotta reserve it in advance."

Fabulous food, family, friends and a loving partner. What more can one ask for?

When dealing with stress, the queen of Italian food takes a natural approach, as she dedicates a few hours to yoga over weekends so her children can join her. Giada loves the outdoors and trying new activities.