Joy Behar: Many people make snap judgments because “we're desperate to get Trump out of office”

The women of "The View" spoke about the viral video of a native American and a teenage boy smirking at him. Joy Behar reacted to the public's snap judgments. 

The women addressed how key details surrounding the viral clip showed that the incident was not nearly as black and white as people initially thought. The clip of the show is found below. 

While the expression on the young boy's face is still debatable, it was another group of Hebrew Israelites that were the most hostile during the event. 

The event consisted of the religious group, some Covington High School students wearing "MAGA" hats, and a group of native Americans rallying.

Clips of the event showed when the Hebrew-Israelites spewed bigotted words at the kids. Regarding the clip of the teenager smirking at the native American who was playing his drum, both sides insisted they were trying to calm the situation. 

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked why people make snap judgments:

"So many people admitted they made snap judgments before these other facts came in. Is it that, we just instantly say ‘that’s what it is,’ based on what we see in that moment and then have to walk stuff back when it turns out we’re wrong. Why is that? Why do we keep making the same mistake?"

Behar said: 

"Because we're desperate to get Trump out of office. That's why." 

The audience laughed in response. Goldberg seemed put off by the answer. She wondered out loud how Behar's answer related to the clip. 

Co-host Abby Huntsman chipped in: "Not everybody, though." 

Behar continued: 

“I think that that’s the reason. I think the press jumps the gun a lot because ... we have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy that we’re basically hoping that you know, Cohen’s got the goods. It’s wishful thinking.”

Behar is known for making blunt anti-Trump statements on the show. But her opinion on the matter was fairly respectable as she admitted to the knee-jerk reaction of many.

Co-host Meghan McCain, a Republican, admitted that even she rushed to judge the teenager after seeing the video. She said she was depressed over the divisive circumstances of the whole thing. 

President Donald Trump also weighed in on the matter via Twitter. He defended the student, Nick Sandmann, and his schoolmates. 

Trump said the online reaction "smeared" their reputations and was unfair.

He wrote: 

“Looking like Nick Sandman [sic] & Covington Catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgments proving out to be false. Not good, but making big comeback!”

Back in November 2018, Behar suggested that Trump do the total opposite of making a comeback on a segment of the show. 

While discussion Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, she said that “today is a good day for Donald Trump to resign. I really believe that.”

Online, many agreed with the longtime host. This time, she may have gotten better feedback if she had just made the connection to the president a bit clearer.  

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