Video of groom's lover crashing his wedding while wearing a bridal gown goes viral again

A few years ago, a video of an African wedding went viral after the groom's mistress attended the wedding in a bridal gown. Now, it is making rounds on the internet yet again, and still draws the same reaction from social media users. 

The clip resurfaced after The Shade Room posted it on their Instagram page. In the video, the man's other lover walks down the aisle in a white wedding dress while he and his bride-to-be were exchanging their vows. 

Stunned and confused, the wedding goers and even the couple watched as this woman walked straight up to the altar, with more courage and bravery as anyone could ever imagine. 

As soon as she started walking down the aisle, people didn't bother keeping quiet about how shocked they were about what was happening.

After the clip has gone viral again, people made sure to comment about how they felt about the video. 

"@ellenthegreat1: I don’t understand why she went there she knew she was the side chick"

"@wellwishes_: I wouldn’t even have to touch her my family would’ve tore her up as soon as she walked in the door and me and my friends would get the groom"

"@lady_diiz: He and she would be dead. And i would never try to get married again id be to scarred after that smh"

"@siirbrock: I least she's fighting for her love."

"@fenise.elizabeth: ainno wedding now thank y’all for coming though"

People also wondered why the bride seemed to have done nothing and just stood there. While this might be due to shock, Instagram users have noted that most of the time, girls would have had a panic attack and start fighting the other woman. In this case, everyone was too stunned to do something. 

It's unclear what happened after the video clip, or if the wedding pushed through after such a dramatic commotion in the middle of the ceremony. However, there were some people who said that the courage and bravery of this woman have actually helped the bride-to-be from even more pain in the future. After all, marrying a disloyal man might just lead to more trouble in the future. 

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