Dog who got lost at Christmas gives her owners endless hugs after being reunited

A video broadcast on Facebook shows a puppy very happy to be reunited with its owners after spending more than 10 days lost.

A family in Lima, Peru, spent their worst Christmas when they learned that their beloved pet had been lost on December 24th. Immediately, they began to search without fatigue to Marichuy, a crossed dog full of love.

Naturally, the dog's family worried a lot, they looked for her around without success and shared what happened on social media, hoping that a good person would find her.

Fortunately, the dog was found by four good inhabitants of the district La Molina, called Flavia, Diana, Ricky, and Yahaira. For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

"She appeared in La Molina where Mrs. Diana, Ricky, Yahaira and I found it. It made our hearts wrinkle to leave her in the street. Even though Mrs. Diana already had 5 dogs, and having one more animal is a responsibility, they agreed to have her for a day so she could go back to her family," said Flavia.

The good Samaritans looked for any sign that could lead them to the dog's family, until they found a publication on social networks and contacted them to give them the happiest news.

Marichuy's family could not wait to see the beautiful dog again. They immediately coordinated the reunion, but never imagined that it would be so emotional and that Marichuy would show them with innumerable kisses that had also missed them a lot.

"When I saw the dog I could not stop thinking about my pets and how I would feel if they got lost. Therefore, when you find an animal that seems lost do not be indifferent. Put yourself in the place of the owners. If you are looking for your pet, do not lose hope and keep searching with all your strength," wrote Flavia.

The expected reunion was captured on video and quickly went viral. Although it only lasts 56 seconds, it has had thousands of reproductions and above all it has made the netizens to shed tears of so much tenderness.

"I want to tell you that today Marichuy, the dog I found on Avenida La Molina, returned home," said Flavia.

Even the little dog seemed to cry with happiness when she saw her family. Everyone gathered around her and she simply threw herself to hug them, still moving her tail and kissing them. This is one more proof of the unconditional love that animals have towards their humans.

This story reminds us of Pakita, a stray dog that was dropped off at Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge. The poor canine was always putting her head down and trying to shrink as much as she can. She also stayed in a corner, fearful of human interaction.

Feeling sorry for Pakita, the workers decided to take a good picture of her and shared it online for possible adopters. A woman sent them a message shortly, claiming that her son, Ariel Naveira, was the owner of Pakita. According to the sender, they'd been looking for the dog for quite a long time.

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