Bobby Darin's son Dodd is now 57 and he looks exactly like his famous father at his best

The 57-year-old man is the spitting image of his legendary father, Bobby Darin and he embraces this genetic miracle with all his heart.

“He was this puffy little Italian guy, and I can say that because I look like him,” Dodd confidently said in a recent interview.

Over the years, Dodd has always spoken about his late father with fondness and how they had an extraordinary bond. He explained how his father would always go out of his way to spend plenty of time with him; he described him as a caring father.

Bobby found a way to instill values into his son, as he never forgot where he came from and all the hurdles he had to surmount.

He was a small boy from the Bronx who had to take on so much, surviving, dealing with poverty and health-related issues.

Bobby died when Dodd was just 12 years old, it was a devastating period for him, moving on was hard.

He says he wishes his father had lived longer, so they could have created more precious memories. However, he is still grateful for the ones they made.

Dodd’s strong value for the family could be said to come right from his birth; he was the golden child of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee born in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Hollywood.

Even the choice of his name was unusual, and when asked, his parents said “they liked as it flowed with Darin” and his middle name Mitchell was given to him after his mother’s press agent - Betty Mitchell.

Dodd tweeted a picture recently, juxtaposing images of himself now and he and his father on stage a long time ago. He captioned it: “Not a day goes by that I don't think about my Dad.  Happy Father's Day everybody. ‘Dodd Mitchell Darin #FathersDay #BobbyDarin.’”

His Twitter account is even named after his father- @bobby_darin2

One can see the utmost respect and adoration Dodd feels for his late father, a lot of his posts are always in honor of Bobby Darin.

In one post, he put up the lyrics to one of the songs from his late father's album: Hello Dolly to Goodbye Charlie.

The talented Bobby Darin was cut down in his prime, due to consistent health issues, he died at age 37 from heart problems.

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