Duchess Camilla Caught Dancing to Jewish Folk Song and Sharing Laughs with Adorable Seniors

Duchess Camilla was caught dancing with an 86-year-old at the Brenner Centre in Stepney to a Jewish folk song in an adorable moment she spent with senior citizens.

The Duchess of Cornwall attended an event at the Brenner Centre in Stepney. During the visit, she stepped on to the dance floor at the East End center for the elderly.

The center offers a relaxed environment where older people living in the area can meet up with friends and make new ones. It aims to provide them with a safe space to enjoy themselves.

Camilla, 71, danced happily with an energetic 86-year-old. He could not believe his luck that one of the youngest women in the room wanted to dance with him.

The Duchess visited the Jewish Care’s Brenner Centre in Stepney to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Stepney was an area of east London that had once been famous for its vibrant Jewish community. 

"She put her hand out to mine and wanted to dance - I couldn't believe it. I won't sleep tonight I'm so excited" said Abraham David who danced with her. 

A singer began performing the traditional Jewish song Hava Nagila. Camilla joined a ring of dancing guests who all held hands while dancing.

She then linked arms with 86-year-old Abraham David and they spun around. She happily danced with him and delighted onlookers.

Mr David, from Shadwell, said: “It was a lovely, wonderful experience, I think I’m dreaming.

Camilla was following in the footsteps of other royals who have visited Jewish Care’s Brenner Centre. The Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary had opened the service in 1938.

The Duchess chatted with 92-year-old Lillian Lebby who had visited the center since she was a little girl. She also met the center’s oldest member Beattie Orwell who is 101.

Afterward, she went to a nearby community center and joined members of Malmesbury Residents’ Association to clean up their neighborhood. During the trip, she was presented with the litter picking sticks for William and Harry as they had revealed last year that their dad always encouraged them to clean up and pick up litter. 

The Duchess, who is president of the charity Cleanup UK which organised the litter pick, said: “I will deliver these personally, they are rather pros at the job, they were taught well by their father, who as you know is a passionate litter picker.

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