Video of Lauren Presley nailing ‘A Little Bit Stronger’ proves she was born to be a singer

Jan 28, 2019
09:00 P.M.
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Lauren Marie Presley is relatively unknown, but her uncle was the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley. Her father is Elvis’ distant cousin, and she is following in his musical footsteps.


Lauren is 12 years old and is already an incredible singer. She wishes to use her talent to pursue her big Nashville dreams.

Although she can never replace Elvis, she comes as a consolation to those who still mourn his untimely death four decades ago.



Recently Lauren gained popularity due to her cover of Sara Evans’ song, “A Little Bit Stronger.” The song was initially released in 2011, but Lauren’s version is breathing new life into it.

In the track, she shows off her talent, which includes strong vocal skills for someone of her age. She also conveys the emotion of the lyrics well, which is surprising for someone with not much life experience.


She posted a video of her singing “A Little Bit Stronger” on her YouTube channel, where it has been viewed over four million times and has liked to match.

Lauren is not the first person to do a cover version of the song. The actress Leighton Meester performed it in the film “Country Strong.”



Many people impersonate Elvis or do cover versions of his songs, but they are mostly adults. However, one baby went viral after she sang his famous song “An American Trilogy.”

Ella Mae is a 20-month-old baby who was recorded by her father singing the song while strapped to her car seat. The video was posted online where it quickly gained popularity.


Her parents are classic rock fans, which is how she came to hear Elvis’s music. She quickly memorized the songs and can now sing them by herself.


Angelina Jordan is an 11-year-old girl from Norway who has been winning singing competitions since she was eight. In a 2017 performance at the Fredriksten Fortress, she sang a cover version of an Elvis song.

The song she sang was “It’s Now Or Never.” Not only did she do the song justice with her talent, but she even sounded a bit like the King himself.

The audience warmly received her performance and were swaying from side to side while she sang. The performance is available on YouTube where it has been viewed over three million times.