Pepa denies being a mistress and claims she paid for boyfriend's estranged wife's apartment

Monica Otayza
Jan 29, 2019
02:31 A.M.
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Pepa of "Salt-N-Pepa" denies being a mistress and even reveals that she paid for her boyfriend's estranged wife's apartment. 


Last summer, Pepa made headlines when she announced her budding relationship with actor Aundre Dean. Although all might seem well in their relationship, Dean's then-wife, Jordyn Taylor, claims that he left her for Pepa while she was still pregnant with their second child. 

When Taylor revealed this, things did not seem to look good for Pepa, especially since the legal wife revealed that Dean worked for Pepa and even asked her to be the child's godmother. However, in the end, he ended up leaving his wife and children for the rapper. 


In their divorce papers, Taylor made sure to name Pepa for her role in their separation, saying: 

"I can’t explain Aundre’s erratic behavior. I believe this is just another stunt for his reality show. His girlfriend, Pepa, from the old hip hop group Salt n Pepa – have decided to make their relationship public on social media and on their reality show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ which has caused some public black-lash [sic], as Aundre is still legally married with a pregnant wife. He has destroyed me and my family on social media and TV. I have been publicly humiliated at my home, work and school.”

While Pepa has stayed quiet about all of this, she is finally airing her side on her TV show, "Growing Up Hip Hop."


According to her, this whole fiasco about her being a mistress has already cost her a six-figure contract, despite getting together with her boyfriend when he was already separated from his estranged wife. She even shared how her manager warned her that it was either they break up, or her career is over. 

Pepa also shared that in the end, Taylor could not fend for herself after their situation that she even had to pay off her apartment rent just for her to keep living there. 


“They filed for divorce. He had his own apartment. But they were saying in the old apartment when they were together, you got to get out. She’s pregnant. She can’t pay! What do I do, I paid for her apartment. I got the lease. I got everything. I got text messages from her.”


The rumor of their complicated relationship has been going on for quite a while, that it has even paved the way for other issues to start piling up in the artist's side of work. People have been quick to judge the artist, making even the most trivial things a topic of controversy. 

Now that she's trying to clear her name, Pepa can only hope that people start to believe what she is saying and start booking her for events again.