Mother speaks out against a rude passenger who allegedly fat-shamed her during a flight

Pedro Marrero
Jan 30, 2019
11:20 P.M.
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A woman who had recently become a mother has decided to write openly to a man who treated her badly during a plane trip.


The indignant woman realized that she was being embarrassed by the man who traveled by her side in the plane, so she decided to turn to Facebook and called him out in an epic manner.

After boarding a Delta Airlines flight, Katie Kiacz was unlucky enough to have some comments about her postpartum body coming from the passenger that was next to her.


Hoping to create awareness and encourage others to think before speaking, the new mom wrote an open letter to the cruel passenger on Facebook.

In the letter, she said: "Dear Man on flight DL1723. You referred to me as a '2-ton woman.' You told your friend soon as I boarded and you saw me that it was 'not good."'

"When I confronted you saying 'I am not two tons but I did just have a baby', you sighed and got up to use the bathroom then quietly asked the flight attendant for a different seat."


"I’m glad there were not any," she wrote. "I bet you didn’t tell her why you wanted to sit elsewhere, that you said something so heartless and were confronted."

"You did not apologize. You did not even acknowledge my existence throughout the remainder of the flight. That’s fine. I do not need your validation."

She explained: "So why am I posting? To call you out. Because I do not exist to please you. Because I will take up as much space as I want. Because even when confronted you did not think you were in the wrong, that you did not need to apologize."


Surprisingly, her Facebook post was shared more than 120,000 times in just one day, it concludes with her explaining why she felt the need to publicly shame the man.

A young couple that was on a trip with their little daughter also felt deeply humiliated after they were kicked off an American Airlines flight because allegedly some passengers complained about their body odor.


However, the man insists that they asked other people in the airport if they smell and nobody said that they do. That's the reason why he is demanding to be told for what reason they were booted off the plane.

Alder refuted the body odor claims saying he and his wife bathed first thing every morning. He also added, "And they still haven't said which one of us they said had body odor. Was it me, my wife, my baby?"