Michigan family reportedly kicked off American Airlines flight because of unpleasant 'body odor'

On Wednesday night, American Airlines removed a Michigan family from one of their planes after there were complaints of body odor.  The crew alleged that other passengers had complained about the family of three.

However, the airline never stated which one of the family members were the apparent culprit. The family shared their side of the story.

A Michigan family was humiliated on a recent flight to Detroit after an airline kicked them off. Yossi Adler, 36, his wife, Jennie, and their daughter, 19-months-old were removed from the American Airlines plane while seated.

The family of three was on their way from Miami to Detroit after their vacation. The plane’s ground crew asked them to get off and then the flight left without them.

In an interview the next day, Adler, a Jewish man, explained what had happened:

"They said, 'Sir, people have complained that you have body odor. I said: 'Excuse me? I need to get home. There is no body odor on me.'"

The family only went back home on Thursday. In a statement, the airline defended their actions:

"The Adler family were asked to deplane last night after several passengers, along with our crew members, complained about their body odor. The family were provided hotel accommodations and meals, and re-booked on a flight to Detroit today.”

Adler disputed the body odor claim and insisted that his family was targeted because they were Jewish. While arguing with the ground crew, the business consultant recorded the altercation on his cellphone.

In the clip, he was heard saying:

"There's a religious reason for some reason that they're kicking me off the plane. We don't have odor, OK? Nobody here has odor.”

An airline staff member then says, "Now you told me for religious reasons you don't shower, is that what you said?" and Adler responds, "No I didn't! I shower every day. I said you kicked me off because of religious reasons."

Alder refuted the body odor claims saying he and his wife bathed first thing every morning. He also added, "And they still haven't said which one of us they said had body odor. Was it me, my wife, my baby?"

In a separate incident that occurred in 2017, a University of Houston engineering professor encouraged students to be aware of body odor issues. The professor, however, directed his message to those from India and Southeast Asia.

The message which was sent to graduate engineering students read, in part: "People from India use lots of spices and people from other Southeast Asian countries use lot of garlic which has lots of health benefits,” and “However, there is one problem. The body odor due to consumption of these foods becomes strong."

On Thursday, the university defended the professor and has not taken any disciplinary action against them.

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