Antonio Banderas defies age, seen in a black suit hugging girlfriend 20 years his junior

They say when you date someone younger, it makes you look younger. That may indeed be the case with 58-year-old Antonio Banderas who seems not to be aging at all.

The "Spy Kids" actor looked as young and handsome as ever while standing beside 38-year-old Nicole Kimpel. Looking at them, one could easily think they are in the same age group.

Antonio took to Instagram to post a picture of himself and his date for the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. He wore a fitted black Armani suit and his girlfriend wore a matching fitted gown accessorized with a small black clutch.

The handsome couple has been together since Antonio's divorce in 2015, and their relationship appears to be getting stronger.

He has admitted to being in love with Nicole, and when asked about marriage, he said he wouldn't be rushing into marriage but when it does happen it will be a private affair.

Banderas was nominated for his role as the famous Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso, in the historical drama, "Genius."

He did not win the award but got a lot of accolades for his performance in the show for which he had to change his entire look.

His ex-wife, Melanie Griffith sent him a "sorry for not winning the award text." The two have earned the title of most friendly exes in Hollywood. 

They still share an extraordinary relationship and have remained close till now. Antonio has only adorable things to say about her; one of them being: 

“I'll love that woman until the day I die.”

The feeling appears to be mutual as Melanie gushed about her marriage to Antonio Banderas in a recent interview. They were married for twenty years and share a daughter, Stella Banderas.

She compared the excitement of sharing a life with him to be more exciting than when playing a role in a movie. It is entirely unclear to fans what caused their separation seeing as they love each other so much.

Antonio moving on so quickly after the divorce is bewildering.

Nicole clearly makes him happy, and it is evidenced in his youthful glow, and handsome appearance. Every time they step out together, it is hard to take your eyes off them. 

They are a lovely couple, who deserves nothing but the very best.

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