Washington man who baked ‘Build That Wall’ Valentine’s Day cookies faces raging controversy

A baker named Ken Bellingham has recently been criticized after creating a cookie with the words 'Build That Wall' on it.

Bellingham, the owner of Edmonds Bakery, located in Edmonds, Washington, claimed that people complained about the cookie after a picture ended up online.

It has been reported that the cookie was part of Valentine's Day and that the baker was only trying to have a little fun with his product.


Customers didn't seem to find the heart-shaped cookie funny, but Bellingham insisted that it was all a joke and that he never meant to offend anyone.

"People were just going off [but] they don’t know anything about me. And yet, I was supposedly this horrible person."

Ken Bellingham, KING-TV, January 28, 2019


According to Bellingham, the cookie was put into his display case alongside other cookies with phrases on them, such as 'Sweet Heart' and 'Addicted to Love.'

The customer who spotted and shared the picture of the cookie, whose identity is yet to be revealed, believed it was quite inappropriate to joke about the subject, especially since the phrase is often used by "white supremacists."

Bellingham immediately denied supporting the wall, arguing that building it would not going to solve any of America's problems.

Racism is one of the biggest issues in the U.S. and all the controversy surrounding the border has not helped soothe the situation.


Although Bellingham claimed not to support the construction of the wall, others have done so, including a 75-year-old rancher named Ruperto Escobar, who said he was willing to sacrifice his land in order to help the project.

According to Escobar, he has "suffered a lifetime of harm due to illegal immigration" and drug trafficking, which is why he believes America needs the wall.

The 75-year-old shared that he has seen several vehicles carrying drugs driving through his property and that he is tired of seeing those "immoral" acts taking place.

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