Viola Davis educates Jimmy Kimmel on what menopause is & why it might be dangerous for her husband

Viola Davis recently gave TV host Jimmy Kimmel a hilarious lesson about the realities of menopause, confessing that depending on the mood swings, she could either love or want to kill her husband.

The “How To Get Away Murder” actress visited Jimmy Kimmel’s to promote the fifth season of her award-winning series, and among other things, she ended up giving the host a lesson on menopause.

Rocking red pants, a black top, and a big afro, Davis candidly opened to Kimmel about the harsh truth about menopause after he confessed to having zero knowledge about it. “I mean, I’ve heard of it, I know it happens,” said the host, giving Davis the chance to explain that “menopause is hell.”

“Menopause is a dark hole, okay? That's what menopause is. And that's where I'm at right now. So I either will love my husband today or kill him today,” she confessed, earning delighted laughs from the audience.

“How long does it last?” Jimmy asked. “You know what, someone needs to tell me because it's last now for about six, seven years,” said Viola.

The 53-year-old recalled how her husband Julius Tennon, got worried one time because of her absent-mind, after he asked her to take a bowl to the sink, only to found out she had misplaced it. She said:

“The other day, my husband says, ‘V can you take this bowl and put this in the sink?’ I said, ‘Oh sweetheart, yeah, let me see the bowl. Let me put it in the sink.’ And then five minutes later he looked at me, he said ‘V, are you okay?’ I said, ‘yeah I'm fine.’ ‘Are you sure you're okay because I found that bowl in the refrigerator. Please tell me you're not going crazy!’”

The conversation about menopause came on after Viola told Jimmy about a time she wore a wig while getting an MRI scan, but she had forgotten that MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields. So, once she got in, the pins in her head started going out “like bullets,” and her wig was floating.

“And so half of the pins were on the floor, half of them were stuck on the MRI machine, and half of my wig was off my head,” she said. “And then [the tech woman] finally said, ‘You know you can take your wig off,’ and I said, ‘I cannot take this wig off!’”

When Jimmy asked if Viola was fine, considering she had taken an MRI, she said it was just a routine exam for women, winking to the audience and prompting the conversation about menopause.

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