'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams is suspected to be happy in love

Jennifer Williams, the celebrity best known for “Basketball Wives,” took to Instagram to share an image describing how a “real man” should be.

The post read,

“When you actually date a REAL MAN, you’ll get the ‘Don’t worry babe, I got it.’ ‘Let’s go… Let’s do it… I planned this for us.’ ‘I got you a gift just because.’ Instead of dealing with ‘Sorry, I forgot, I can’t make it, not today.’ ‘You didn’t text me first,’ I was busy,’ ‘Sorry for not texting you all day.’ Type of man.”

For the caption, Jennifer set clear that it was her type of Man Crush Monday. Even though she didn’t clarify whether or not she had found that “real man,” people in the comment section considered she did.


“Sound like you in love.. happy for you,” [sic] wrote a user.

“Where he at??” wondered a second follower.

“That's what's up, everyone deserves true unconditional love in this crazy world we live in,” pointed out another person.

Some people, though, didn’t like Jennifer’s post and claimed that the statement in the image was exactly “why you don’t have a real man.” The celebrity quickly responded, saying, “you don’t know what I have so don’t speak on [expletive] you don’t know.

Jennifer Williams' response to an Instagram user | Source: Instagram/Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams' response to an Instagram user | Source: Instagram/Jennifer Williams


If Jennifer were dating someone, it would be her first relationship after she and Tim Norman, best known for “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” broke up. On season 7 of “Basketball Wives,” the lady went to court several times to deal with Tim, who was allegedly stalking her.

During an episode, she revealed that she needed a permanent restraining order against Tim and that the situation was “taking a toll” on her.

“It's really wearing me down. I haven't been sleeping well. My mind is all over the place. I'm nervous. I still don't want to walk my dog after dark," admitted the star, who later pointed out that Tim even got an apartment near her house and that she couldn’t live her normal life.

Some people didn’t believe Jennifer’s allegations, so she took to Twitter to share screenshots of the messages that another woman, who had also been stalked by Tim, sent her.


While Jennifer insists that the story is true, Tim told the press that she was a liar. TMZ shared Tim's side of the story, which was how he was pressed by "Sweetie Pie" producers to propose to his then-girlfriend. When he chose not to, she became upset.

He even went so far as to accuse his ex-girlfriend of trying to run over him with her car and slashing his tires. To add to those accusations, Tim claimed that Jennifer even stole money from him after she got upset that he wouldn't help fund her business dealings. 

The problems between them are not going to die down any time soon, especially since both parties have been granted temporary restraining orders against each other.

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