Beyoncé breaks fashion stereotypes by rocking colorful menswear in recent photos

Now that we live in the era of broken stereotypes and gender equality, more influential people are stepping out to let everyone know that it's okay for women to dress up in menswear and vice versa. One of the most powerful women in the world, Beyonce made sure to let everyone know that the days of worrying about people judging whether you're wearing men's or women's clothing are over. 

Although you see people from around the world celebration fashion month for both women's and men's wear, you'll see a striking similarity between both, as more and more designers are embracing unisex approaches to fashion and dressing up. 

Due to this trend, consumers have also chosen to wear "genderless" clothing, as at the end of the day, clothes are clothes. 

That's exactly what Beyonce has been trying to show her millions of fans, as she posed in a rainbow jumpsuit on Instagram recently. The global superstar sported a colorful ensemble from Dries Van Noten's Spring 2019 menswear collection, which was originally shown in his Paris fashion show back in June. 

To accessorize her designer look, Beyonce accessorized with oversized sunglasses, a green bag, and geometric mules. While not a lot of people can pull off this type of look, Queen B most certainly can. As a famous song once said: "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)."

Beyonce has always been a style icon that people look up to, and it'll come with no surprise if people begin to dress up in genderless clothing more often now that she's advertised it. After all, fashion pieces worn by a superstar like her often end up sold out in numerous outlet store, with her own fashion line, Ivy Park, often selling out right after a new collection is released. 

In fact, her outfits, be it on her stadium tours, her everyday sightings, and her music videos are always so extravagant, that in front of art masterpieces from centuries back, she too might be considered a work of art. In one of her music videos on The Carters' latest album, they posed in front of paintings from the Louvre with "blacked out" faces, hoping to shed some light on the lack of black appreciation in neo-classical works of art. 

She and her husband Jay-Z have always been art and fashion enthusiasts, and that reflects not only their way of life but their appreciation for grandeur while at the same time standing up for things that they believe should be given more attention to. After all, being billionaires, they not only get to enjoy all the luxuries of life but are in the position of power to shed some light on issues they deem as important. 

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