Tom Brady's 6-year-old daughter certainly owned the Super Bowl post game show

Tom Brady certainly deserved the title, but it was his cute daughter who stole the show after the Super Bowl.

For fans who were disappointed by the lack-luster Super Bowl match between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, followed at halftime by a luke-warm performance by pop group Maroon 5, there was a consolation prize.

In a single moment, a little girl stole the show, won the Internet's heart - and cheered NFL fans. 


Thomas Brady, the star of the New England Patriots and considered to be the greatest quarterback in NFL history, stepped up to the podium to collect the Super Bowl title.

As proud as he might be of his sporting accomplishments, he is clearly even prouder of his 6-year-old daughter Vivian Lake, whose cute antics stole the limelight from her famous father.

Tom Brady shares Vivian, and son Benjamin, 9, with supermodel Gisele Bündchen


Vivian is a boisterous and vivacious moppet, and she was the undeniable center of attention when her father carried her up to the podium to receive the coveted trophy at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 


The world may have been waiting to see Brady collect his historic sixth SuperBowl title, but for Vivian, the highlight of the evening was the glittering rain of silver, blue, and red confetti and streamers that cascaded down onto the stage. 


We can't blame Vivian for her antics, after all, stealing the show is in her genes. If dad is famous, mom is even more so.

Tom Brady shares Vivian, and son Benjamin, 9, with supermodel Gisele Bündchen whom he married in 2009.

Bündchen is Brazilian born and widely considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. If Vivian takes after her mom and continues stealing hearts, Tom Brady is going to be one harried dad.


Another show-stealer was Budweiser's 2019 Super Bowl commercial. The commercial introduced a new star alongside the traditional Clydesdale horses: April, the Dalmatian. 

The new commercial focuses on Budweiser's commitment to using sustainable energy to brew their iconic beer.

"It's more than just beer. This commercial is for everyone. It's something we should be thinking about every day.". 

The commercial is entitled "Wind Never Felt Better," and shows April sitting on the back of a carriage pulled along by the Clydesdales, her ears flopping in a brisk breeze to the sound of Bob Dylan's "Blowing In The Wind."

As the camera pans out, it shows that the horses are galloping through the company's wind farm in Oklahoma. Budweiser also donated clean energy to light up the 2019 Super Bowl. 

In a related story, viewers were left extremely confused after Adam Levine's sweaty strip show during the 2019 Super Bowl halftime.

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