February 07, 2019

Inconsolable father of Jayme Closs' alleged kidnapper speaks out for the first time

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Jake Patterson's father spoke for the first time about the alleged abduction his son committed.

Since Jayme Closs was found and safely returned to her relatives, Patrick Patterson remained silent regarding the allegations against his son.

Jake allegedly confessed to killing 13-year-old Closs' parents and then abducting her from Barron Wisconsin. He kept her at his home for a period of 88 days. 


Patrick spoke to ABC News nearly a month after learning what his son may have done. He considerately focused on the victim, Closs, as he said:

"I would like to humbly ask people to pray for a complete healing of Jayme's heart, mind, and soul. Our hearts are broken for the family."

Patrick was reportedly blindsided by his 21-year-old son's actions of October last year. He felt there was no indication that Jack would have done such a horrendous thing. 

"I'm very sorry for everything that has happened." 


According to the investigation, Jake saw Jayme getting onto a school bus near her home and decided then that she "was the girl" he would go after. 

The accused denied himself a preliminary hearing during his first court appearance. He was charged with burglary, kidnapping and two counts of first-degree intentional homicide. 

At the time, Patrick refused to speak to the press. Yet early on Thursday, he said: 

"My words can mean nothing after such a tragedy has taken place. I most definitely want Jayme's family to know, everyone to know, that our hearts are broken for their family."



He continued: 

"I would like to thank the federal, local and state authorities for their professional and respectful way in which they have treated me and my family. I would also like to thank the media for the way in which they've been patient and understanding with this difficult matter. It has been a very difficult time for us."

Closs was kept under a bed secured with barbells and free weight at Jake's home in Gordon Wiscson. She barely ate, drank or used the washroom. 


Then, on January 10, Closs made her escape from the house and was found wandering the streets nearby. Jeanne Nutter recognized the missing girl and worked with a neighbor to contact the police.

Closs spoke to authorities, describing her abductor. Within hours, police arrested Jake. His family remains in a state of disbelief.

Jake's grandfather, Jim Moyer said: 

"Nobody had any clues until this thing happened. I can't fathom anything in his life that could change him so drastically. It has to be some kind of a twist in the mindset."

At his Wednesday hearing, Jake had only one thing to say to his distraught family. Addressing his father in the courtroom he said, "I love you." Patrick responded with the same words.

The accused will be arraigned on March 27. For now, his bail stands at $5 million cash-only. He awaits the next hearing from within the Polk County Jail in Balsam Lake.


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