Fans of 'Men in Black' want Liam Neeson digitally removed from the movie after racist comments

Liam Neeson revealed that he once wanted to kill a Black person, an affirmation that made people request for him to be digitally removed from “Men in Black International.”

In an interview he had with Independent, Neeson told the story of a friend of him who was raped by a Black person several years ago. His way to cope with such tragic news was to go out with a cosh wanting to kill a “Black [expletive].”

The actor pointed out that he would go out with the weapon regularly for about a week and a half. After that, when he finally could go through the pain, he realized that what he was trying to do was awful.

Liam Neeson at the premiere of "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" | Photo: Getty Images

Liam Neeson at the premiere of "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" | Photo: Getty Images


Even though he remarked how ashamed he was for even thinking about it, several people took to Twitter to share their negative thoughts, even asking producers of the upcoming “Men in Black International” to digitally remove Neeson from the film and saying that he was racist.

The movie will take place in the same universe as the previous “Men in Black,” but instead of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the stars will be Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Neeson, on the other hand, plays one of the higher-up agents.

Those who didn’t ask for Neeson to be digitally removed from the film pointed out that producers would get someone to replace him in the upcoming movies of the franchise, even suggesting to hire Christopher Plummer – the same actor who did the reshoots in “All the Money in the World” when Kevin Spacey faced sexual misconduct allegations.


After getting all that backlash, Neeson was in an interview on “Good Morning America” wherein he stated that he was not racist, but the damage was already done, and people don’t forget that fast.

Even actress Whoopi Goldberg defended Neeson during her show “The View,” saying that she has known him for a “pretty long time” and that she “would have recognized” his bigotry.


According to Goldberg, she has "been around a lot of real bigots," and Neeson isn't one. Plus, the host acknowledged that it wasn't a surprise that Neeson got angry after learning that a close friend had been sexually abused.

"You can't be surprised that somebody whose loved one is attacked is angry and wants to go out and attack. What he did go on to say... is that he realized that it was too dark for him, he went and got himself help," pointed out Goldberg.

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