Dr. Oz's daughter is all grown up and following in her parents’ footsteps

One of Dr. Mehmet Oz and his screen goddess wife’s children, Daphne is grown now and has made a name for herself in the health world.

The alternative medicine promoter and his beautiful wife have been married since 1985 with a big family of four children; the first of which is all grown and mature. 

Daphne Oz is the most popular of Oz's children. The young woman has carved a niche for herself in the medicinal world. Daphne was born a year after her doctor parents got married and she has three siblings; two sisters, Arabella and Zoe and a brother, Oliver. 

With so many achievements to her name, the young lady has made her parents very proud. Besides getting a degree in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University in 2008; Oz published a book on healthy eating! 

The book, her first, is titled The Dorm Room Diet, and it helps with tips for the development of healthy eating habits. The novel, based on the young lady’s personal experience was released in 2006, and it went on to achieve moderate success.

Ever since The Dorm Room Diet, Daphne has gone on to publish a few more books on health and eating habits. She has also written tips on healthy eating for several popular magazines such as glamour and The Huffington Post. 

The 32-year old doubles as a TV personality; she was a co-host for ABC’s food talk show, The Chew. Oz also appeared on her dad’s show a few times, and it is very agreeable to say that hers is one of the faces fans of the show yearn to see. Who wouldn’t love Daphne Oz? Not when she’s so beautiful and accomplished! 

It’s quite apparent where Daphne got her beauty and brains. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say. Asides the extreme beauty she inherited, her parents are very successful in their world.

While her mom is a producer, writer, actress, and co-host, Dr. Mehmet Oz is a well-respected doctor who preaches healthy living on numerous TV series including his syndicated talk show, The Dr. Oz Show. Asides getting featured in health articles, he has also authored and co-authored a series of books, which went on to become bestsellers. With such great achievers as parents, it is only natural that their child follows after such clean leads. 


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