Woman weighing 462 lbs eats 10K calories a day on camera and thousands of people pay to watch her

Edduin Carvajal
Feb 11, 2019
04:38 P.M.
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Amanda Fey, a 25-year-old lady who weighs 462 pounds, makes a lot of money recording herself eating food and playing with her belly.


The Californian woman is part of a fetish community named feederism, which members find erotic people who eat and gain weight. In Fey’s case, she eats about 10,000 calories when she creates the videos to please her thousands of followers.

She doesn’t do it just fur fun, though, as she charges viewers for every video posted online showing her eating. While Fey has plenty of supporters, she has also admitted to getting “a ton of hate on a daily basis.”

Amanda Fey eating ice-cream | Source: PA Real Life


"The negative comments are nothing I haven’t heard all my life or called myself for fun anyway. I get the typical insults - fat cow, Shamu, like the killer whale, or lard [expletive],” revealed Fey.

Amanda Fey drinking juice | Source: PA Real Life



Even though those type of comments might be very hurtful, Fey pointed out that she was a positive person and that she usually ignored them or “leave a playful comment back.” The lady also set clear that body positivity was a controversial topic and that, no matter what she said, some people would always share their negativity.

Amanda Fey having a large meal | Source: PA Real Life


However, Fey embraced body positivity anyway by saying that “everybody and every body was beautiful,” and that no one should be ashamed for celebrating so, “from hairy legs to flat tummies and back rolls to saggy breasts.”

Amanda Fey drinking soda | Source: PA Real Life



Fey has been a member of feederism since 2016 when a friend introduced her. In the group, there are gainers, like the 25-year-old woman, who like getting bigger by overeating or using padding to make themselves larger, and feeders, who like watching and encouraging others to get larger.

Amanda Fey posing in front fo a mirror | Source: PA Real Life


While Fey didn’t disclose her monthly income, she revealed that most of the money came through paid promotions on Instagram and Patreon. Apart from that, Fey disclosed how much she charged people and what they get:

Amanda Fey posing for a photo | Source: PA Real Life


She doesn’t do it just fur fun, though, as she charges viewers for every video posted online showing her eating.

For $10, feeders have access to all her videos and photos. For $20, they have access to the additional content on her Snapchat. Paying $50, feeders receive a FaceTime call. Finally, people get all of the above plus extra adult content by paying $100, including playing with her belly.

Amanda Fey in a bathing suit | Source: PA Real Life


Sharing more messages about body positivity, Fey said, “You really start to flourish as a person when you choose to be yourself, despite all the forced perspectives and idealized characters you’re told you should be, in order to truly love yourself.”



While there are people like Fey who enjoy being overweight and even make money out of it, others, like 29-year-old Lacey Hodder, understand how dangerous and deteriorating it could be for their lives and look for ways to shed some pounds before it’s too late.

In Hodder’s case, she went to Doctor Younan Nowzaradan in a recent episode of “My 600-Lb Life.” After following a strict diet and getting a weight-loss surgery, Hodder lost 256 pounds (she went from 653 to 397). At the moment, the lady is proud of her journey and shares photos on her Facebook page, proving how different she looks.

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