NeNe Leakes has meltdown over future of her marriage to cancer-stricken husband

NeNe Leakes repeatedly broke down on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. She fears for the future of her marriage and fans fear she is reaching her breaking point.

The reality TV star, NeNe Leakes was on a trip to Tokyo with the other women from the show. However, the 50-year-old grew increasingly despondent during the trip.

She was apparently unable to reach her 64-year-old cancer-stricken husband Gregg Leakes. To make matters worse he seemed indifferent and uncaring when she eventually made contact with him.

Her frustration increased, even more, when he offered a simple and empty "sorry" after she explained she he had ruined her trip. Nene is apparently super stressed out about their relationship.

She broke down several times during the episode of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" on Saturday. During her breakdown, she revealed she is not only worried about her relationship but also that Gregg changed after he was diagnosed with cancer.  

"That doesn't really work – I hear ''I'm sorry'' all the time," she told him on the phone. "I'm super stressed out, I feel like I've been trying to support you and I'm over here falling to pieces and I don't have anybody here to lift me up."

She later revealed her struggles to the women with her on the trip. She said,

"I don't have that same nurturing type of Gregg that I'm used to and that I love. 'I try to have patience with the new person he is, but it's not easy. I understand Gregg is sick. I just need a little piece of him to come back."

Her desperation broke through when her friend Cynthia Bailey, 51, visited. NeNe broke down and revealed she believed her marriage was in trouble again.

Nene and Gregg have already been through a divorce once, in 2010. They remarried again three years later but Nene feels they may be heading down the slippery slope again.

"I get that he's overwhelmed, he's scared, but I am overwhelmed too,' she told her friend. "It's a lot for me. The fact that me and him can't talk. I feel like we're going back the same way we came – we be breaking up. I hate when people say stuff like, ''You're so strong' – I still have feelings. I hate that word, I have feelings."

Cynthia tried to comfort her saying she had to "keep going," NeNe sobbed more saying, "I'm tired. I'm tired of having to put on a face."

To make matters worse, Gregg sent a beautiful bouquet and a heartfelt love note begging for forgiveness which only made her cry more. It's not the first time he has left Nene in tears.

Earlier this month, Nene even kicked a camera crew out of her house when her relationship with Gregg caused a massive fight between her and Marlo Hampton.

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