Joy Behar mocks Sen. Elizabeth Warren for a bizzare photo with her grandson

On Monday’s episode of “The View” panelists discussed Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential bid and an awkward moment during her campaign trail.

Recent efforts made by Senator Warren to gain support had translated in her “trying too hard” according to opinions, as the hosts of “The View” watched a clip which featured as the latest example. 

During a photo op at her campaign trail, Senator Warren yanked her grandson to her side for better publicity. One of the hosts, Joy Behar, called her abrupt handling of her grandson “a little aggressive.”

But Sunny Hostin steered the conversation towards Senator Warren’s marking of a Texas bar card as being Native American and that she “is troubled by it.” Joy soon interjected with a thought, “What if she is the best candidate to beat Trump? Would you hold it against her?"

Abby’s take was that Senator Warren always seemed genuine in her actions. Abby touched on the example of Senator Warren that drank a beer during an Instagram live stream on New Year's Eve to push her point across. 

Hosts of "The View" during the show on February 11, 2018. Source: YouTube/The View

Hosts of "The View" during the show on February 11, 2018. Source: YouTube/The View

For the live Q&A stream, Senator Warren set up the camera in her kitchen and said:

“I'm here in my kitchen, uh, and um, I thought maybe we'd just take some questions, and I'd see what I can do.”

Senator Warren continued to tell those who joined the live stream about her busy day before she surprised fans with her next words, “Hold on a second -- I'm gonna get me a beer.” 

The distinctive sound a beer makes when opened seemed out of place with how the people got to know the Senator as she merrily sipped the contents. 

It fueled accusations that Warren is acting out of character for the sake of votes and not staying true to what separated her from the rest of the presidential candidates.

When the issue of Senator Warren’s ancestry became a stick that Donald Trump beat her with, she decided to put matters to rest and took a DNA test in October 2018. Performed by Stanford University, the test concluded that while the “vast majority” of her ancestry is European, Native American heritage is “strongly suggested” six to ten generations ago.

None the less, Senator Warren became the first big name in the Democratic field to announce a bid for the 2020 presidency. Her platform emphasizes issues of economic equality, the same problems that have been part of her primary focus since her days as a Harvard Law School professor.

Senator Warren recently spoke of her plan to pass a “wealth tax” whereby Americans with over $50 million in assets are taxed at 2%, while those with assets in excess of $1 billion would get taxed at 3%. 

While the idea quickly got shunned by conservatives, a recent poll suggests that Americans favor the idea. According to the poll done by Morning Consult, 61% of voters favored the plan, while 20% were against it. In the Republican camp, 50% of voters are in favor of the tax, compared to only 30% who didn’t favor the idea.

As Senator Warren plunged into her campaign trail following her official announcement in the running for president in 2020, she made a point of ignoring Donald Trump. However, in a recent address at the University of Iowa matters took on another turn. 

In reference to the Meuller investigation, Senator Warren remarked that President Trump might find himself in shackles before the next presidential election.

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