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Daily Joke: One Husband Was Thinking about Getting a Present for His Wife

Monica Otayza
Sep 01, 2021
05:17 A.M.
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A rich man's wife was celebrating her birthday soon, and he was busy thinking of the best gift to get her. He knew that she already had all the best things in life, so he wanted to give her something unique.


As the day drew closer, he finally figured out what to get his wife on her birthday to show how much he appreciated her. On the morning of her birthday, he told his partner to stay in bed and rest.

Thinking her husband had decided to make a lovely meal for his woman, with the smell of bacon sweeping up from the kitchen, his wife could not but anticipate breakfast in bed. She got all excited, watching her favorite TV show while waiting.

Fried bacon and egg | Photo: Getty Images


However, after finishing an episode of the show, her breakfast was still not with her. She couldn't hear the pots and pans making noise, too, so she assumed that her husband was done cooking.

She was getting hungry, so she decided to go downstairs to find out what was going on. As she got to the kitchen, she was surprised to find her husband at the table eating bacon and eggs while reading the newspaper.

Grand Slam Breakfast - Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs | Photo: Getty Images


Her husband saw the confusion on her face and decided to clarify what had happened. He said:

“As a surprise for your birthday, I've decided to cook my own breakfast.”

Home made bacon,fried egg with avocado ,tomato and rocket leaves on fried soda bread | Photo: Getty Images


In another food-related joke, a little girl was watching her mom make roast beef when she noticed her cut off the ends, wrap the meat in a string, spice it up, and place it in the roasting pan.

Curious as to why her mom cut the ends of the roast off, the little girl asked. After much thought, her mother replied that it was the way her mom had also done it.


Later that evening, the little girl's grandmother came around for dinner, and so she asked why they always cut the edges of the roast beef before cooking it. The grandmother, like her mother also replied, saying that's the way her mom had done it.

At this point, the little girl took it upon herself to get the real reason behind the women in their family cutting off the ends of roast beef. So she visited her great-grandmother who was quite old in a nursing home.

Perfect roast beef for dinner | Photo: Getty Images


She went ahead to ask the great-grandmother, who looked at the trio with a hint of anger before saying:

“So it would fit in the pan, of course.”

A chef slicing off the end piece of a freshly cooked roast beef | Photo: Getty Images


Do you think the two younger women felt ridiculous after learning the actual reason behind cutting off the ends of the roast beef? Jokes have a way of loosening the mind and body up, gives you a good laugh.

Sometimes, the best stories have the most ridiculous reasons behind them. This one time, two bachelors decided to bond over drinks.


Their conversation spanned different topics, from politics to sports, and finally, to cooking. "I got a cookbook once," one of them said, "but I could never do anything with it."

The second one nodded and asked, "too much fancy cooking in it, eh?"

"You said it, man! Every one of the recipes began the same way: 'Take a clean dish and...'"