Diana Ross' grandson with the awesome afro steals the show at Grammys with his speech

Diana Ross' grandson, Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, melted hearts all over the world after he introduced his "grandmommy" during this year's Grammy Awards. 

Grammy host Alicia Keys decided to invite the 9-year-old up onstage where he gave a short but sweet speech about Diana before she performed to celebrate her upcoming 75th birthday.

Referring to him as a "distinguished little guy," Alicia made way for him to get the center stage spotlight. Before beginning his speech, he responded to Alicia's introduction by saying "Did she say little guy? I'm almost 4-foot-9!"

"She is amazing. And young people like me can look up to her for her independence, confidence, and her willingness to be her unique self. She has shown the world that nothing is beyond our reach."

Before Diana graced the stage for an early celebration of her birthday on March 26, Raif asked the audience to "please welcome my grandmommy, Diana Ross!" 

Raif himself seems to be a classic example that his peers can look up to, as he's decided to show his authentic and pure self on live television - afro and all. This display of authenticity is one that children from all over the world can emulate, especially now where people are afraid to let their hair down because of what other people might think. 

Of course, the internet made sure to notice this as well, applauding him for the way he carried himself, the way he spoke, and his confidence in delivering the speech for his grandmother. 

The Grammy Awards wasn't Raif's first appearance onstage, as he previously accompanied his aunt, Tracee Ellis Ross, when she hosted the American Music Awards back in 2017.

Like the rest of his family, it's quite clear that the young boy is destined for stardom and has been taking active steps to get him to where he wants to be. 

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