Joseline Hernandez gets slammed after posing in bikini top with her daughter Bonnie Bella

Joseline Hernandez showed off her curves by posing in a bikini top with her daughter Bonnie Bella. However, she was slammed for the pic, shown below.

The “Run Me My Money” Latin artist, Joseline Hernandez took to Instagram to post a series of adorable pics with her daughter. However, fans were caught off guard by the pics.

Instead of enjoying the mother-daughter moment, fans quickly slammed the pics for being racy and inappropriate. Many focused solely on Hernandez's apparel in the images.

In the pictures, she carried her daughter, Bonnie Bella in her arms. Both of them smiled brightly at the camera.

However, fans focused on the skimpy bikini top Hernandez wore. Many took to the comments section to express their disapproval.

One fan commented, "Everybody talking about her baby’s teeth but why she got her n*pple showing tho?? In THE BABY PICTURE THO."

Another fan also expressed their views and advised Hernandez to tone down her dressing. The fan also recommended how she should dress around her daughter.

"I think this pic is cute but I would tone it down and wear clothes more around her because she’s going to think that’s cute and never wear any at school. Then if u don’t want her to follow ur footsteps then stop being so extra. For instance them earrings are not a good look with the barely staying on bikini. I don’t know how she hasn’t pulled it off yet. With my kids hair was pulled back and I was comfortable for chasing them around and pulling my hair or in their face same with the nails. It was about my baby not my baby copy me," wrote the fan.

It's not the first time Joseline has been slammed after posting pics on Instagram. Earlier this year she was slammed for making Bonnie Bella look older than she was.

The two-year-old girl wore pink shoes, yellow pants, a pink tutu-like skirt paired with a long-sleeved white and blue shirt in the pic.

The image was completed with a pink beanie hat perched on her head and an adorable pose while holding a violin.

Many left comments stating the ensemble was aging and not appropriate for the little girl. However, some found it adorable.

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