FBI asks for help identifying serial killer's 16 victims drawn from memory while in jail

Serial killer, Samuel Little who is currently in jail serving sentence for his crimes recently drew 16 of his victims from memory. The FBI is in a dilemma trying to identify these women and so, have asked for the public's help.

Samuel Little qualifies as one of the cruelest killers to have ever walked this earth with over 90 kills to his name. Now in jail, he has decided to help the FBI find more of the unlucky people who sadly met their peril at his hands.

On Tuesday, the law enforcement agency released a horrific painting showing 16 different but similar women who had all at one point or the other met their doom after meeting Little. 

Although there were 16 of them, each woman had her own unique and detailed features.

These portraits were the serial killer's last memories of his victims; therefore, some of the faces looked haunted, some looked sad, and one or two even had a smirk on their face. Although they all had their lips painted red, there was almost no other similar feature. These people were sadly killed in 1996.

Nearly twenty years after Little claimed he had killed about 20 women in Los Angeles, he decided to cooperate with the FBI. In an attempt to show off his artistic skills, the killer drew up 16 of the lives he took in LA. With the right utensils, such as pencil and watercolor, Little was able to achieve the feat.

Samuel started killing in 1970 and was at it for over thirty years, making him one of the most psychotic serial killers ever. His trial began in 2014 after he was convicted of killing three young women. This unsettling realization led to a further investigation which showed the senior man had been at this grievous act for quite some time.

With over 90 cases, it had been a challenge to find all his victims. Some of these women were transgender, hookers, drug addicts which he killed by strangling them and later dumping their bodies somewhere in the woods. Because of this, most of Little's cases were ruled suicide and some, death by overdose. Some situations were not even filed, and some filed ones, are lost. 

So far, about 30 of the cases have been solved and releasing this portrait is an attempt to address more. So far, three of the 16 victims have been identified; one from Prince George's County MD., another from West Memphis, Ark., and the last from Pascagoula, Miss.

The FBI has pleaded that anyone with useful information should kindly come forward. In another similar case, last year, the police asked for help finding a serial killer named Jose Gilberto Rodriguez after he was suspected to have killed three people.  

Samuel Little is currently serving a life sentence.

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