Season 9: Ami Brown Thanks God for the Chance to Become a Grandma in Exciting Sneak Peek

The trailer of the upcoming new season of "Alaskan Bush People" is revealed to fans and they have a lot to be excited for; more wilderness and even a new baby to contend..Ami Brown, the matriarch of the Brown family who stars in the series Alaskan Bush People, is back. After a battle with cancer which forced the family to move to southern California for her treatment; the 55-year-old lady is excited to start her reality TV life again. As her show is set to continue for its 9th season with an addition to the family, Ami has more reasons to be happy. 

The trailer for the upcoming season, which is scheduled to premiere on March 3, was released by Discovery on Saturday and it revealed that Ami is going to be a grandmother. Her son Noah, 26, and his wife Rhain are expecting a child, and Ami is excited. 

“I thank God he let me live to see that,” she said in the trailer.

Other members of the family are also thrilled for the show which they perceive as a rebirth for the family. 

The trailer shows a more rural side of the Browns, with more emphasis placed on the wilderness. It also indicates family patriarch, Billy Bryan Brown, stating the desire for the family to get back to what they are. 

“It's going to be hard. It's hard not to get excited about that. We're building something that's going to last from generation to generation,” Billy had said. 

Although the show had started in Alaska, the new season will feature the Browns’ new home in the forest of Washington. The Alaskan Bush People is about the Brown family living without societal resources, and its large fans have started counting down to when the series premiers.

Although the show is loved by many, there have, however, been criticisms that the family depends more on society than they let on. Though, this doesn’t deter the die-hard fans. Different rumors have also made rounds about the show; one that the family lives in a hotel in Alaska called Hoonah. Alaskan locals who made this claim mentioned that it is a cozy place with a bar and a restaurant although it isn't proven. 

Another is that Noah’s love story in the 4th season of the series was staged. Noah was, at the time, dating Karryna Kaufman, who visited "Browntown" as they called their home. However, Kaufman being listed on IMDB as an actress casts doubts over the genuineness of the situation and the show. 

There are also facts about the Browns' that are unique knowledge. For one, the matriarch Ami was very young when she got married to Billy. At the time, she was only 15 and Billy, who had been married and divorced, was 26 years old, but they were deeply in love, or so it seemed. Another strange fact about the family is that the show all started with a book.

Billy Brown wrote a novel and in a bid to sell his story, moved to Alaska to bring his book to life. But some still doubt this. The truth is however known to the Browns'.

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