7-year-old unvaccinated girl from Colorado dies after falling into a coma due to flu symptoms

On December 23, a Denver, Colorado 7-year-old was hospitalized after suffering from flu symptoms and a severe fever. The little girl sadly died on Sunday after spending seven weeks in the hospital.

It was also discovered that the girl hadn’t been vaccinated against flu.

Selina Nguyen, 7, was admitted to the Children’s Hospital Colorado last year just before Christmas. She passed away this past weekend after her family decided to remove her from life support.

A Facebook page was created that had updates about Nguyen and her progress. Her family had worked with the hospital to try and save her life.

Surgeries were performed to relieve the pressure in her skull to no effect. Nguyen was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus, and her family was “praying for a miracle,” according to a friend.

However, her brain was unresponsive for those seven weeks. When she passed away she was lovingly surrounded by family.

The little girl, who wasn’t vaccinated against flu for the season, had been in a coma since she arrived at the hospital. Her family described her as a “loving, kind-hearted and giving child.”

A GoFundMe page was created to help the Nguyen family. Nguyen’s family warned people against the danger of going without a flu shot.

They also advised parents to take their children to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Her funeral service and memorial will be held on Saturday and Sunday, and the money raised from the GoFundMe page will go to her medical costs.

The rest of the money will be donated to charity, “because that is what Selina would have wanted.”

The advice for parents with young children who display signs of flu is to call the doctor, manage the symptoms as best as you can, as about antiviral drugs, and lastly to escalate the matter if the symptoms don’t appear to be getting better after more than 48 hours.

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