Michael Landon's son shares Valentine's wishes for his husband after posting their sweet photo

Chris Landon, son of the late on-screen celebrity, Michael Landon, made the most of the season of love as he took to his Instagram page to display his love and affection for his husband and son.

The star writer of the award-winning movie “Disturbia,” just like other expressive lovers celebrated his loved ones in his post which was a selfie of the family of three.

In the photo, the lovely trio is outdoors on what seems to be an outing. Landon takes the selfie while his partner Cody Morris holds their two-year-old son as the lovebirds wear smiles for the camera. The caption read:

 “Happy valentine's day to my amazing husband and my little man. You both bring endless immeasurable joy and peace into my life.” 

This isn’t a one-time action that could be termed cliche, as the celebrity filmmaker made it a thing always to show the affection he has for his family.

This is evident on his Instagram page as he always posts beautiful moments with them while never failing to attach a nice caption.

Landon and Morris had their son whom they named "Beau Landon Morris" in 2017. Beau is Chris's middle name as well. The couple has never ceased to shower their love and admiration on their baby boy. 

The 42-year-old had declared at the time:

“He is the light of our lives, Get ready for endless posts…LOL.”

Landon revealed that he was gay in 1999. Before then, he had gone through a few challenges concerning his sexuality both in the line of work and his personal life. He once mentioned that he was labeled a faggot by his peers back in high school.

His declaration can be termed an act of bravery because he only just begun his career at the time. He was fearless in coming to terms with his sexuality and letting the world know.

He is the youngest of Michael Landon’s four children. His older siblings are also involved in the entertainment world. Despite his unpleasant encounters concerning his sexuality, Chris lives in appreciation of the blissful life he shares with his partner and son.

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