Woman becomes real-life superhero when she tries to save truck driver after terrible accident

Leiliane Rafael da Silva, a 29-year-old woman from Brazil, became the real-world Wonder Woman for trying to help a truck driver after a helicopter hit his vehicle.

On February 11, people at the Ruta Anhanguera in Sao Paulo, Brazil, witnessed an unusual accident as a helicopter fell off on the highway and hit a truck. The impact was so hard that the vehicle’s front was totaled.

The driver, 52-year-old Adroaldo Tomanckeves was injured and trapped in the driver’s seat. Leiliane, who was with her husband on a bike when the accident took place, didn’t hesitate and tried her best to help Adroaldo.

Leiliane didn’t care about the growing flames behind the truck; she just tried to open the door of the totaled vehicle to take the man out of it.

One of the most striking aspects of the situation was that several men were around her but they did nothing to help, just recorded everything.


The lady noticed that Adroaldo’s seat belt was stuck, so she asked someone for a knife to cut it. She even tried to pull off the door, but it was impossible.

Comparison between Leiliane Rafael da Silva and Wonder Woman | Source: Facebook/Angelo France

Comparison between Leiliane Rafael da Silva and Wonder Woman | Source: Facebook/Angelo France

Although the video ended before showing what happened to the driver, Leiliane revealed during an interview that they didn't get him out through the door but through the windshield.

Her quick reaction during such a situation granted her a lot of recognition, so much so that illustrator Angelo France made a drawing comparing her to Wonder Woman, the female character of DC Comics who was recently played by Gal Gadot on the big screen.


“Real heroes exist! Leilaine, who watched the crash of the helicopter closely, gets off the bike and runs to save the driver's life from the truck hit in the accident. A strong, courageous woman who risked her life while the men around her only cared to film instead of helping,” wrote Angelo in the caption of his post.

In the accident, both men in the helicopter, 66-year-old Ricardo Eugenio Boechat (a recognized journalist) and Ronaldo Quattrucci (the pilot) died


It is not the first time that a good deed has been recognized. Amy Hammond, a woman who traveled from Houston to Cincinnati, recorded how a man who worked for a fire department assisted a lady who was having seizures right after their plane took off.

The lady’s young son witnessed everything helplessly while the “hero,” as many labeled the man, kept asking for a doctor’s help.

Even though the wisest thing would have been returning to Houston or landing in a nearby airport, the pilot of the United Express flight didn’t do so.


According to Amy, the lady had seizures and passed out “dozens of times” during the entire two hours of the flight.

Soon after the incident, the airline released a statement addressing the situation, saying that the safety of the customers was their highest priority.

“The decision to continue to the flight’s destination was made by our crew who did the right thing by working with medical personnel onboard, with our on-call medical service provider and with input from the passenger. Had it been the judgment of the medical professionals that another course of action was indicated, we would have followed that recommendation immediately,” read the statement.

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