February 18, 2019

Three handsome male dogs see a beautiful, enticing, female Poodle

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In today’s #jokeoftheday we see how dynamite really does come in small packages and how appearance can be misleading — a story where the underdog triumphed, literally.

It was a beautiful day out when three fetching male dogs walked through the neighborhood and spotted an attractive female Poodle.

Immediately they were all smitten with the lass and practically fell over themselves, and each other to reach her first. 

However, due to their clumsy efforts, they came to an abrupt halt in unison in front of the gorgeous lady, after they practically fell over themselves to get to her.


Source: Giphy

Still panting and slobbering from their efforts, the three bachelors tried to compose themselves to make a good impression, but all she did was glare at them sideways, unimpressed.

Although fully aware of her effect on prospective suitors, the love-struck look in the eyes of the three handsome suitors made her cave just a little. 


She looked them each up and down and said, “The first one who can use the words “liver” and “cheese” together in a meaningful, imaginative sentence can go on a date with me.

The muscular, sturdy young Labrador stepped forwards first and said excitedly, “I love liver and cheese!”

“That shows no intelligence or imagination,” the Poodle frowningly said, “How childish!”

Source: Giphy


The Golden Retriever stepped forward with confidence, and the Poodle asked, “How well can you do?”

A bit flustered by her piercing look, the Golden Retriever blurted, “Ummm...I HATE liver and cheese!”

The Poodle rolled her eyes, “My, my. I guess it's hopeless,” she said, “Just as unimaginative as the Labrador’s answer.”

She turned to the last of the three dogs with a bemused look and asked, “How about you, little guy?”

With a small stature but big personality, the Chihuahua flashed her a smile and a quick wink before he turned to the other two males and said, “Liver alone, cheese mine.”

Source: Giphy

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