February 19, 2019

Man Complains to a Doctor About His Wife’s Temper

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Usually, when people go to visit the doctor, it is to get medicine for an illness, like the flu or measles. However, one man consulted his doctor about his wife’s temper.

The man explained to his doctor that he feels that his wife loses her temper for no reason and that it happens daily.




The man then further explains that his wife’s behavior scares him. The doctor then let him know that he has the perfect cure for the situation.


The doctor advised the man that the next time his wife loses her temper, he should take a sip of water and swish it around in his mouth. He must not swallow it until she calms down or leaves the room.

After two weeks of trying this method, the man returned to his doctor to report back. He looked well rested and fresh. He expressed his gratitude towards the doctor for giving him a tip.

When he asked the doctor for the science behind it, he replied that the water does nothing, except keep the man’s mouth shut, and that’s what ensures peace in the home.




The husband and wife opened the front door to find a drunk man standing on their doorstep. The man asked if they would help him to push his car. The husband refused because the drunk man had rudely woken him up and he was not in the mood to push a car at three in the morning.

Man pushing a car. | Photo: Freepik


After the husband slams the door closed, his wife looks at him curiously. She reminds him that he does not have the best memory and that two men had helped him to push his car three months earlier.He calls out to see if the drunk man is still around.

Drunk man on a swing. | Photo: Shutterstock

The man shouts back at him, and the husband asks if he still needs a push, but he was not expecting the reply he got. The drunk man answered in the affirmative and said that he was over at the swings and needed a push on them, not his car.