A family hears a knock on their door from a stranger during heavy rain

Most people would get a fright if someone knocked on their door at three in the morning when it is raining outside. One family had that initial reaction but ended up getting some comic relief.

The husband and wife opened the front door to find a drunk man standing on their doorstep. The man asked if they would help him to push his car.

The husband refused because the drunk man had rudely woken him up and he was not in the mood to push a car at three in the morning.


After the husband slams the door closed, his wife looks at him curiously. She reminds him that he does not have the best memory and that two men had helped him to push his car three months earlier.

She encourages him to go back outside and assist the man. The husband obediently does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out the front door.

Man pushing a car. | Photo: Freepik

Man pushing a car. | Photo: Freepik

He calls out to see if the drunk man is still around. The man shouts back at him, and the husband asks if he still needs a push, but he was not expecting the reply he got.

The drunk man answered in the affirmative and said that he was over at the swings and needed a push on them, not his car.

Drunk man on a swing. | Photo: Shutterstock

Drunk man on a swing. | Photo: Shutterstock


While farts have a pungent smell, their sound is also an integral part of knowing that they have happened. Therefore deaf people experience farts differently.

Anna Trupiano, a first-grade teacher at a school for deaf children, had to explain to her students what a fart is as they suddenly smelt one of their classmates pass one but heard nothing.

Anna Trupiano's post about what happened in her class. | Photo: Facebook/Anna Trupiano

Anna Trupiano's post about what happened in her class. | Photo: Facebook/Anna Trupiano

She taught her students about farts in such a way that normalized them and made them aware that they can be heard by hearing people.

She posted about this exchange on Facebook, and the post has gone viral with over 22000 likes. The post has also be shared thousands of times.

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