Man jumps into the frozen creek in a daring attempt to save a helpless dog stuck in the ice

Don Chatten, from Tonawanda, New York, has recently saved a little dog's life after finding him struggling in icy water.

The 49-year-old had taken his two rescue dogs for a walk at Ellicott Creek Island Bark Park when he learned from a stranger than a dog had gone missing.

While crossing a bridge, one of his dogs noticed something in the water and started acting strange, prompting Chatten to investigate.


Chatten heard a faint whimpering coming from the frozen creek and decided to go down there. What he saw was a little dog stranded in the freezing waters.

The man immediately yelled out to a couple of park-goers to call 911 before jumping into the creek to save the dog. With his elbow, he managed to break the ice but soon found himself in waist-deep water.

The 49-year-old knew the creek was not very deep because he used to go there all the time when he was a child, so he did his best not to waste any time reaching the dog.

The Terrier, whose name was later revealed to be Jackson, was shivering quite a lot and Chatten held him against his chest to keep him away from the ice.


Samantha Kelly, one of the people who witnessed the heroic rescue, managed to snap photos of Chatten breaking even more ice while carrying the little dog to shore.

Jackson was handed to his owner, whose name is yet to be revealed, and taken to an animal hospital were vets were able to give him emergency care.

Chatten is being hailed a hero by the locals, but he claims that he was just at the right place at the right time and, as an animal lover, he would do it all over again if necessary.


But Chatten wasn't the only one who recently jumped into a frozen body of water to save a dog. Duncan McIver, from St. Alberta, Canada, risked his life to save his furry friend at the Lacombe Lake Park.

McIver explained that he spotted his dog falling through the ice and immediately jumped into action. Due to the rush of adrenaline, the dog-lover claimed that he didn't even think about the danger or the temperature of the water.

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