T.I. brings Tiny to tears with huge ring for Valentine's Day despite facing a family tragedy

T.I. gifted his wife Tiny with a huge diamond ring for Valentine's Day amid the tragedy that their family is currently facing. While they spent the day in tears after T.I.'s sister is in critical condition after being involved in a car accident, Tiny revealed that she ended the day still in tears, but this time tears of joy thanks to her husband's gift to her. 

It hasn't been the best couple of days for the Harris family, who are worried sick over the condition of T.I.'s sister, Precious, who is in the hospital following a car accident. However, T.I. knows that Valentine's Day is a special day for his wife, so he made sure to still pull off a surprise despite the difficult time they are facing. 

An overjoyed Tiny shared two videos of her beau's surprise, first showing off a video of him preparing the surprise for her. The rapper held a large square-cut diamond ring on his hand, which he stuck on a floral arrangement on the wall. The video then cuts to Tiny entering the room, where she is in disbelief over the beautiful arrangement. When she looks a bit closer at the heart-shaped arrangement, she saw the diamond ring which she immediately wore. 

"After a long hard day of shedding tears about our sister. My thoughtful husband still found away to make me shed more tears but of joy this time!! I was truly shocked & over joyed! I can’t thank him enough for going out of his way on such a sad day for him as well! I love you forever & then some @troubleman31 The worst & best Valentine’s Day Ever!"

Precious Harris' Accident

T.I.'s sister Precious is currently in critical condition at the hospital after a tragic car accident. Her family and friends have been showering her with love and support on social media, as well as in person where they barely leave her side. 

It was Tiny who first let their fans know about her sister-in-law's condition, calling her a "true fighter." She then asked people to pray for Precious and their family to get through these trying times. 

“Anybody that really know me knows how special & how much I cherish & love this lady, my sister @preciousharris1913 Pls pray for my sister & family. She’s a true fighter...always have been & God has the last word... “

Precious' daughter, Kamaya, also began to share messages for her mother, saying that everyone has been praying for her and that she needs to keep fighting. 

Her family currently updates their fans on a daily basis, and so far, nothing has been revealed of Harris' condition. Instead, they continue to ask for prayers from their supporters, to help their beloved sister recover. 

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